Colorado United will be offering a high school boys prep camp this summer. The camp is six weeks long, meeting on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 5:00-6:30. The focus of the camp is to get the players ready for rigorous high school try-outs and fall season. Each player will also receive a three month training program, which will include endurance, body weight and core exercises.

Projected training session plan

30 minutes of fitness

30 minutes of technical work

30 minutes of game play activities

Session Dates: 6/21, 6/23, 6/28, 6/30, 7/12, 7/14, 7/19, 7/21, 7/26, 7/28, 8/2, 8/4

Location: Abbott Park

Cost $150.00 per player

Space is limited. Please click HERE to register:

For more information contact Josh Beaty