Q: How old do you have to be to play with LSC?
A: Check the Age Groups/Pricing page for a breakdown on how teams are organized and what they cost.

Q: How do we register? Can we do it over the phone?
A: You can register online or come into the LSC Office and we'll walk you through the process with one of our computers. We use this method because you must agree to a release/waiver posted in the online process. Visit the Register/Instructions page for a link to online registration and more info. To complete online registration you must pay with a Visa/MC/Discover. If you visit the office you can pay with those or cash/check.

Q: How do I make a special request to play on a certain team or with a certain player?
A: Use the Notes Box, which you'll find as you progress through the registration process. We try to accomodate requests as much as possible, but they are not guaranteed. Early registration is the best way to try and get on any specific team. A screenshot of what the Notes Box looks like can be found on the Register/Instructions page.

Q: My player's birthday puts them in an age group below their cialis 100mg grade. How do I get them with their classmates?
A: A lot of August, September, and October birthdates will find themselves in this situation. This is called "playing up", and you can check that option as you proceed through online registration.

Q: What about "playing down" if my child is just over the age limit for their grade?
A: If your player is a few days/weeks older than their grade's age group, they can play down, but only to a certain point. They will not be allowed to play with the team for any tournaments, or in any CYS-run leagues such as Intermediate or Competitive soccer. For those leagues, the child MUST play where their birth date places them. So it can be done at the younger ages (typically U5-U8), but if they continue playing, a transition back up to their correct age group will probably have to occur.

Q: When/where will practices and games be held?
A: Our Volunteer Coaches get to pick practice days/times/locations, but we try to place players on teams as close to home or school as possible. We have fields in Littleton, Centennial, Ken-Caryl, and Roxborough. Available schedules will be posted on the pages under the Schedules tab as they are finalized.

Q: What about uniforms? Are they included?
A: Uniforms are not included in Registration, but are a quality Nike product that can be purchased through Soccer Stop. Visit our Uniforms Page for more information.

Q: How do I get back on my former team?
A: The easiest way is to take advantage of our 2-season discount, available each Fall. Other than that, players who played the previous season on a team can get back on their previous team by registering during the 1st registration period. If you wait to re-register until after the 1st deadline, it is very possible that you will lose your spot to a new player or transfer. Players who take a season off are not guaranteed their spot back. Early registration is the best way to try and get on any specific teams, as requests are handled by order of registration.

Have a question not covered here? Email us at support@littletonsoccer.net