Littleton Soccer Club 6 v 6: 8 Rules of Play

(Revised 8/2015)

Field Dimensions

The field of play is rectangular with the length being 45 – 55 yards and the width being 30 - 35 yards

Field Markings

The field markings include for the first time a penalty area.  The goalkeeper can use their hands within this area, they are allowed to leave the area but can only use their feet once outside.

Size of the Goal

6 feet tall by 18½  feet wide

The Ball

U5 – U8:  Size 3 ball

Number of Players

U8:  Teams play with 6 players on the field for each team with 1 player being a goalkeeper.  A maximum of 10 - 11 players on the roster.  We strongly encourage that goalkeepers are rotated through the entire team; this allows every player an opportunity to play in goal, especially for the fall season. 

All players must play at least 50% of all games, equal playing time is encouraged.

Duration of the Game

The game is divided into two 20 minute halves with a 5 minutes halftime.

Players and coaches are encouraged to arrive at least 20 minutes before the game.  Preparation for the game becomes more important as players mature.


Substitutions are allowed on any stoppage of play with the exception of fouls/infractions.  We recommend the coach allows the players to get into the flow of the game and not substitute every 5 – 6 minutes.  This also helps ensure players get to play the required playing time.  Substitutions are allowed on the following:

When the ball has gone out of play including goal kicks, corner kicks, prior to a throw in from either side and after a goal has been scored.

Fouls and Infractions

In the event that a player commits a foul such as hand ball, push or any other infraction.  We recommend that the referee give the player positive and calm feedback before considering calling a foul on a small child.  But, in the event that a foul is called, all free kicks will be indirect (must touch another player before a goal being scored or the kicker can touch the ball again). There are no penalty kicks or direct free kicks for 6v6 teams.

Soccer is a contact sport; players are allowed to make shoulder to shoulder contact within close proximity of the ball.  

No players at these young ages maliciously or intentionally foul each other.  Fouls that are committed (tripping, colliding, and pushing) are mainly due to the lack of body awareness and control.


Littleton Soccer Club is sponsored by Nike and our uniform provider is Soccer Stop.  Players are required to wear the official Littleton Soccer Club uniform, previous style uniforms are accepted.  Individual teams cannot wear tank tops, t-shirts with team names or other modified jerseys.

The uniform consists of a Navy and White shirt, navy shorts and white socks.  

Home team wears navy and away team wears white.

For safety reasons players should not wear uniforms with their name printed on it.

Following items are NOT permitted:

Hair control devices with hard parts.

Jewelry of any sort including earrings.

Following items are CONDITIONALLY permitted:

Religious medals or medical tags which are taped to the body.

Splints, casts, braces or other joint support devices that, on both coaches opinion are not dangerous and/or are padded with pliable material to eliminate the dangerous condition.

Footwear, molded soccer cleats are recommended or tennis shoes (sneakers) Sharp edges are not allowed, e.g. baseball cleats with metal parts.

Shin guards are mandatory during all games and practices.  Socks must entirely cover the shin guards.

Ball in and out of play

The ball is out of play when the entire ball crosses over a touch line, whether it is on the ground or in the air.

All restarts are indirect.

Throw ins:  Awarded to the opponents of the player who last touched the ball before leaving the sideline.  When taking a throw in players should ensure that both hands are on the ball and it is behind their head.  Players must keep both feet on the ground prior to throwing in the ball.  If a player throws the ball incorrectly they shall be given a 2nd opportunity by the referee.  The referee is encouraged to provide feedback to the players to ensure it is a positive learning experience.

Goal Kicks: Taken by the defending team after the ball has crossed the goal line after being touched last by the attacking team.  The kick may be anywhere inside the penalty box.  The defending team must retreat to allow some success for the attacking team when restarting the play.  

Corner Kick:  When the defending team kicks the ball out over their own goal line.  The ball will be placed within 1 yard of the corner to restart.  The defending team must retreat at least 5 yards back from the corner until the ball is back in play.


U5 – U8:  There are no offsides.

General Rules

Goalkeeper’s:  There are some unique rules pertaining to GK’s that will take a while for the players to get used to.  They cannot pick the ball up from an “intentional” back pass from their own player, they must use there feet to pass or clear the ball.  If this occurs the referee will explain to the GK the rule but give the GK an indirect free kick.  Leniency will be allowed for the entire Fall season, an indirect free kick will be given against the GK in the spring season in preparation for U9 soccer.  GK’s should try and put the ball back in play within 5-6 seconds from open play by either punting, throwing or passing the ball.

Referees:  Referee’s are formerly introduced at this age group.  Referee’s are essentially there to “facilitate” the game much like the coaches would have done at the younger age groups.  The home team provides the referee; the referee should have attended the U7 Referee training class to fully understand the rules.

Parents/Spectators:  All spectators should remain on the spectator sideline during the games.  Coaching or helping the players and in particular the GK from behind the goal is not tolerated.  Players will learn and understand the game through their own experience and mistakes.  Making a mistake is encouraged as it allows the players to learn from that experience.  

Half time and end of game snacks are encouraged; parents should rotate responsibilities to provide these.

Coaches and players of BOTH teams will sit on the same side of the field.  Spectators (parents, grandparents etc.) should sit on the opposite side of the field. 

Scoring and team records are recorded at this age group, this is purely for league flighting purposes, no results are posted.  Please ensure you follow the instructions to record the scores.  We do try and place teams in appropriate flights based upon information provided by the team’s coach and clubs coaching/administrative staff.  

Littleton Soccer Club is very proud of its history and tradition of good sportsmanship from its players, coaches and parents.  Each person shall abide by the player, coach and parent code of conduct.