Juggling Club

What is Juggling?
Juggling – Keeping the ball in the air with any part of the body (feet, thighs, chest, shoulders, head), apart from the hands and arms.

Why Juggle?
Juggling is one of the best ways for players to improve their balance, first touch, skill, confidence, comfort and control with a soccer ball. When a player starts out juggling, it can be very difficult and frustrating, but the rewards are immense.

Either juggling alone or with friends you will see your skill and confidence grow!

Juggling Progression

One juggle catch (alternate feet), Bounce juggle (both feet), two juggles and catch (both feet), Bounce juggle (multiple juggles between bounces), World Record!

***Our goal is to get away from using our hands to start juggling.

Once players feel comfortable juggling the soccer ball, tricks are a cool way to show off your skills:
Around the World - Right foot - Right thigh - Right shoulder - Head - Left shoulder - Left thigh - Left foot - Back to the Right foot... Don't stop there. See how many in a row you can do.


Juggling Club Rules

The Juggling Club is open to ALL Colorado United members! Whether you are U4 or U19 you can participate.

Any part of the body can be used to keep the ball up (apart from the hands and arms), but only juggles done with the feet will count toward the scores.

Once the ball hits the ground, you have a personal record.

Start back up at one to beat your record!


Submitting Juggling Records

The Honor System is used for the Colorado United Juggling Club.  All juggling records must be submitted by email to Tito.

The following information is needed to record a new juggling record: First and last name, competitive or recreational/academy player, number of juggles with feet (without the ball touching the ground), date record was accomplished, and year born.


Recreational/Academy Prizes

Recreational Players
50 – White Juggling Club T Shirt
100 – Grey Juggling Club T Shirt
250 – Grey Juggling Club Jersey (HOF)


Competitive Prizes

Competitive Players
100 – White Juggling Club T Shirt
250 – Grey Juggling Club T Shirt
500 – Grey Juggling Club Jersey (HOF)


Recreational/Academy Records

Jeremy Belin - 41 - U10 Boys


Competitive Records

Sarah Netherton - 293 - U12 Girls
Megan McCracken - 691 - U11 Girls


Recreational/Academy Hall of Fame

Coming Soon...


Competitive Hall of Fame

Megan McCracken - 691 - U11 Girls


Juggling Fun

Juggling Videos
Juggling World Records
Colorado United Pictures
Colorado United Videos

***Please submit all pictures and videos to Tito.