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Program Descriptions

Littleton Soccer provides Recreational Teams from U5 (Pre-K) to U19 (HS Seniors). These teams all play a variety of game types, from small-sided soccer to full 11v11. Outlined below are the features and differences between the age groups and what the Programs entail.

All Recreational players should receive at least 50% playing time in game situations. All Rec Team Coaches are volunteers, and utilize some form of volunteer Referees, depending on the age of the team (outlined below). Teams will have 7-8 games per season, typically on Saturdays. An occasional Sunday or weekday game may occur due to weather/reschedules. Age groups have “flights” of teams (where available) to match the most appropriate level of competition for each team.

“U” means “Under”, signifying the age a player will turn during that soccer season. Therefore, a “U5” player is “Under 5”, typically a 4-year old who will turn 5 somewhere in the current fall/spring season.

U4/5 Soccer (Pre-School): Our entry program is the Littleton Lollipops, whose complete information can be found on the Lollipops Page.

U5 and U6 Soccer (Pre-K and Kindergarten): These teams play 3v3 on a very small field. Team size is typically 5-6 players. There is 1 practice per week for approx. an hour.

U7 Soccer (1st Grade): These teams play 4v4, and field size increases. There are still no goalkeepers at U7. A volunteer parent Referee is added, provided by the home team each week. Teams still only have 1 practice per week, and can have 6-8 players.

U8 Soccer (2nd Grade): This age sees another field size increase, and goals increase in size as well. Teams now play 6v6 soccer, 5 field players and one goalkeeper. Ideal team size is 9-10 players. There is still one volunteer referee per game, but there are more rules involved, though still no offside. Teams can now practice twice a week.

This age also marks the start of specialized training for individuals, teams, and Coaches. See the U8 Academy Page for more information.

U9/10 Soccer (3rd and 4th Grade): Field size increases again, and teams play 8v8 soccer with 7 field players and one goalkeeper, with a team size of 10-14 players. There are 3 Officials per game, 1 Center Ref (provided) and 2 Linesmen (Volunteers, 1 per team), and offside is now in effect. Players should move from a size 3 to a size 4 ball at U9. There are (2) 1-hour practices per week.

These players/teams have the option of staying in Developmental (regular rec) soccer or moving to the United Academy Program (rec plus). Regular rec teams will interleague with teams from the Highlands Ranch Soccer Association (HRSA).

U11-U14 Soccer (5th-8th Grade): Teams play on a full-sized field, playing 11v11 with teams ranging in size from 11-18 players. In Rec soccer, a Center Ref is provided for games, though teams still need to supply a volunteer Linesman for all games. These teams have (2) 90 minute practices per week, and at U13 players move to a size 5 ball.

Players have the option of trying out for a Colorado United Competitive team or staying at Recreational. Rec teams play in the Southwest Quadrant, with 4 home games and away games with a small amount of travel involved. U12-U14 teams may also be offered to play in the Option 1 State Rec League. Click the page for more information on Option 1.

U15-U19 Soccer (High School): Rec teams in these age groups in the past have played in the Metro League. The Metro League still exists, and is run by Colorado Soccer Association. New for Fall 2015, LSC is offering an alternative 4v4 League for players/teams in this age group. For information, check out the program flyer HERE!


Field Status At A Glance


The field status is updated by 3:00 p.m. on weekdays and by 7:00 a.m. on weekends, for Fall programming.  The weather hotline is 303.212.2202.

 Please remember to check the hotline number above - our twitter  https://twitter.com/Littletonsoccer and or facebook https://www.facebook.com/lsccoloradounited for updates on field status.  The date and time will be updated when field conditions warrant a change. 


Updated 11/13/17 at 2:15 pm  ALL FIELDS ARE CLOSED for trainings, practices and games.  





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Littleton Soccer Club Announces Fall 2017 Referee Clinics


Referee Clinics U6-U7

Tuesday, September 5th from 6.30 – 7.30pm at Whitman 3v3 fields

Wednesday, September 6th from 6.30 – 7.30pm at Whitman 3v3 fields


Referee Clinics U8

Thursday, September 7th from 6.30 – 7.30pm at Arapaho Park 5v5 fields

Monday, September 11th from 6.30 – 7.30pm at Arapaho Park 5v5 fields


All sessions will be practical.





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