Grocery Store Merchandise Cards

Colorado United competitive families have the opportunity to purchase grocery merchandise cards/certificates to help cover soccer fees and soccer related expenses. The stores allow LSC/Colorado United to purchase the gift cards/store certificates at a discounted rate.

Parents write checks to the team account for the full face amount, and the team then purchases the cards/certificates at the reduced rate. The difference is allocated in the team account for that particular family.

The discount is 5% for Safeway, King Soopers and Sunflower Market; and 7% for store certificates for Tony's Meats. For example, if a family purchases $100 in Safeway gift cards, $5 would be posted to their player's account.


Merchandise cards are available in the following increments:

Families place their order with the team coordinator with full payment by personal check. These checks are deposited to the team account, and the team coordinator then prepares the weekly order form(s) and attaches a "team" check for the net amount (total minus discount).

The LSC/Colorado United office cannot accept personal checks.

All team orders MUST be dropped off to the club office no later than 5:30 pm on Tuesday. A mail box allows drop-off after hours and on the weekend. The team coordinator can pick up the gift cards after 11:30 am on Fridays.

Gift cards are offered to teams on a weekly basis all year, except for posted closures and holidays.

If you have any questions, please contact Lorie Loar via email at, or phone 303-797-0055, ext *823.