·         Attend all practices, games, and team functions

·         Be on time

·         Notify the coach in advance if unable to attend or going to be late


·         Respect the game, its laws and the officials

·         Respect opponents in language and actions

·         Be a good winner, show respect and class

·         Be gracious in defeat, acknowledge opponents victory and don't blame others for loss


·         Exhibit a positive, never quit, winning attitude

·         Play and train at the best of your ability

·         Speak positively of your coaches, teammates, and yourself

·         Practice your skills on your own

Players will not: 

·         Use profane or vulgar language.

·         Use drugs other than prescribed by a physician.

·         Drink alcoholic beverages, or use tobacco products.

·         Leave a game field, training session, or team function without informing the coach.

·         Disrespect themselves, officials, coaches or teammates

Code of Conduct Parents:

·         For the good of the players and the game, parents agree to:

·         Be encouraging, supportive, and positive to all children; your own, their teammates and opponents

·         Respect game officials and accept their decisions.

·         Support the coach, players, and parents on the team.

·         Volunteer for the team and/or the club.

·         Be familiar with the laws of the game.

·         Comply with the rules, policies and procedures of the club, team and  CYS.

·         Direct my soccer related questions, concerns, and/or comments concerning my son/daughter to the coach of the team, at a time mutually agreed upon, but never immediately before, during or less than 24 hours following a game.

·         Fulfill my financial obligation to the club and the team.

Parents will not:

·         Engage in loud, disrespectful, hostile, or unsportsmanlike comments toward an official, coach, player or spectator. Never approach an official.

·         Coach or criticize any player on the team.

·         Interfere with the duties and the responsibilities of the coach.

·         Act in any manner, which is detrimental to the team, Littleton Soccer, Colorado United Soccer Club or CSA.

Code of Conduct Coaches:

Coach Responsibilities - Code of Conduct

Coaches will:

·         Provide a safe and positive environment for all players

·         Be a positive role model for players, parents and opponents

·         Demonstrate and teach sportsmanship and fair play in all practices and games

·         Show respect for game officials and opponents in all interactions

·         Be enthusiastic and encouraging with all players, motivating through positive reinforcement

·         Learn and understand the rules of the game

·         Comply with the rules, policies and procedures of Littleton Soccer and Colorado Soccer

·         Be humble, courteous and respectful in winning or losing

Coaches will not:

·         Leave a player(s) unattended at practice, a game or tournament

·          Engage in loud, hostile or disrespectful comments towards players, parents, opponents or officials

·         Act in any manner that is detrimental to Littleton Soccer or the sport

“The greatest honor that I have received in my life is being called `Coach`.”
John Wooden