Volunteer Coaches

Simply the MOST important person in our club, the Volunteer Coach keeps us all running (figuratively and literally!). Without these wonderful men and women, the kids don't play and the club doesn't exist- period. At the younger age groups (U5-U7), NO soccer or Coaching experience is required: we'll give you all the tools you need! You just need to be willing to have fun with the kids! Volunteer Coaches get the benefit of picking their practice night, time, and location from our list of available fields. Visit the COACHES CORNER page for more details!

Volunteer Referees

Once teams reach U7, we need Volunteer Refs to help facilitate games. At U7/U8, each team provides 1 ref for their 4 home games, and referee training is free and easy! From U9/up, each team provides 1 volunteer Linesman for every game (Center Ref is provided by the club). 

Team Parents

These individuals help make the soccer experience as fun as it can be for everyone involved, and are the backbone of our Club. Sample duties of Team Parents include:

We recommend that teams decide internally what level of outside activities/items they intend to pursue, as these costs can add up. However, a small "team fund" should provide adequate drinks and snacks, and might even provide low-cost awards. Want to know more? Visit www.usyouthsoccer.org/parents for more great Team Parent ideas!


For an Info Sheet about Team Awards/Trophies from Crown Trophy, click here.

Visit the Official Photographer of LSC, YSPN Photography for info on team pictures.