Colorado United and Littleton Soccer Club is presenting to each student athlete within our club the opportunity to explore college endeavors both academically and athletically. Below, you can click on the link for instructions for using College Fit Finder and all that entails the United Resources for College and Academic Planning Program (U'RCAP). Each U15 and older player in our club is asked to create a profile through All coaches will have access to player profiles and will be assisting their players in making sure the profile is completed, both for their team and each player on the roster. 


As for the player profile on, in some manner it is a way to build a self-portrayal of the student athlete as a whole person. Players can use the profile to present to college coaches such information but also use the profile as a skill builder they can use as a pre-resume for their futures as well. It also assists players with college searches and it helps them to learn how to appropriately communicate with adults in a professional setting.

The second is to create a team profile so players who may not necessarily think they are college-bound soccer players find a possible avenue and learn more about smaller schools that may fit them both academically and athletically. There are over 3,700 colleges in the United States and some are absolute gems that get missed each year by students because they simply did not know such schools were an option.

The U'RCAP Director will open up the option to meet with players individually after completing their profiles so possible future plans can be discussed. Many players have already taken advantage of this opportunity and we will open up individual meetings again. This is a very unique opportunity, as we are the only local club that offers such a resource.


Ultimately, it is the Colorado United and LSC goal is to assist student athletes in finding their way. We believe each of our soccer players deserve the opportunity to reach and exceed their goals in soccer and in life. We want to provide players the opportunity to fins a truthful and realistic plan for their future. As with our hard work with players on the soccer field, we want to instill the same skills in our players off the pitch as well. Our Club motto states, "Developing Players for Life", which is exactly what we hope to do with College Fit Finder and the U'RCAP Program.

Please feel free to contact the U'RCAP Director if you have further questions and we hope such information helps each of you in finding your way in life, through the "beautiful game" of soccer.

Click Here for instructions and a Quick Reference Guide

Click Here for College Fit Finder Colorado United FitBox